Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas 08

We always start the day by reading the scriptures, and read about the birth of our Saviour (I did spell that right, just ask Cheryl) And the kids love it I think it is a great was to start the the day.
So this year the kids had way to many gifts again, they don't think that though.... They had a great time and sooo much fun and it was so nice to see Caleb just having so much fun he knew more of what was going on Alexis was opening everything as fast as she could and Caleb would open a gift and then play with it, I think I wanted him to open them faster than he did bless him but he was so happy so was Al it was sweet, then they went to nanny and pappys and had a blast there, of course it was so nice to be able to go to my mum and dads for Christmas, as they are now in the USA, it would have been even better if my other brother Shaun was here he is the only one left back home, then it was off to grandma and grandpas and more gifts more fun..... what a day.So here are some fun pics of my cute kids.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alexis did not want to leave his side

Well this year didn't really start out that great, my sweet nephew Conner died on the 30th December he was only 12 years old, it was so heart breaking in more ways that one.
I had only met him 4 times,sinceKris and I have been married, I just wish that I had had more time to get to know him.
Kris' sister Jeannie lives in Murphy Texas, so we all flew down there to be with her and Trey Conners older brother, it was so nice to be with them and to be able to spend time together I just wish it could have been under different circumstances.
I am just so very thankful for the knowledge of the gospel that I have, I KNOW that I will see him again one day, and I will be forever thankful for the missionaries that taught me the gospel, that they were worthy missionaries so that the Spirit was able to testify to me of the truth of what I now know.

I am going to post some pics of our trip to Texas and of my sweet sweet nephew Conner Scott Yeager.
When I was down in Texas Jeannie only lives 20 mins feom the Dallas Temple and the ward she is in was having there ward Temple trip and I was able to go with them and I had such a great experience in the Temple I could feel Conners Spirit there so strongly it was amazng and I am so thankful that I had that great experience.
"God be with you till we meet again" my sweet Conner.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I have done it at long last, got a blog.
okay so for those that I have not been in touch with for a while Alexis will be 5 onth the 7th January and Caleb will be 2 on the 6th January.
time goes by so fast.
Kris has been back at McDonalds for a year and a half now he is the store manager there, and he is very good at it, he works so hard for us love you babe.
We opened an English resturant in May of this year 08.
So my mum, dad, sister, brother and sister-in-law are all over here to help run the place.
It is called the London Cafe. We are doing really well, in fact we have just moved to a much better location, into one of the hotels here in Idaho Falls. The great thing is I am still able to be a stay at home mum and that is so important to me that I can stay at home and take care of my family.

Alexis is in dance she just started this September and she really loves it bless her I love to go and watch her Caleb would love to go and join in with her too, as he is our little Gene Kelly, he will dance to the phone or the microwave in fact he will just dance period.....
Alexis is in her second year of pre-school too, she can't wait to go to school she is so smart, and full of questions I love it.
Caleb he is my sweet daddy's boy but saying that just these last few weeks he is a momas boy. He will just come up to you and give you be biggest hug and place your face in his tiny hands and give you a kiss it is so precious.

In fact he wants me to go and play with him now so so long for now.

my fav Christmas songs

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